The humble trestle table. A plank of wood on two trestles. A symbol of hard work, old fashioned values, farmhouse charm, vintage soul.

Then we started to think: imagine if you could add modern styling, gloss finishes, colours that pop. Or maybe a calming palette, a breathe of French country, or something more cheeky and playful. You could always just leave the design as it is: rustic, raw, industrial.

So you can see. We had no choice. We had to do it. Call us romantic, dreamy, we can’t help it, we just wanted to bring people and trestles back together.

The Newbie

Our lovely client on the Mornington Peninsula in VIC wanted us to coat her trestle table in Dulux “Pebble Grey”. It is so soft and gorgeous – such a soothing neutral alternative to white. Here it is shot against a pale blue background. We are in love!